About Us

What’s up fellow dog lovers! So, you want to know more about candogeat.net and our team? Well, get ready to know us, our dogs, and our project!

How Did it All Start? – Story Time.

Glad you ask buddy! Unfortunately, we do not have a happy beginning to share with you. The project started when one of our co-founders was desperately looking for urgent information on what dogs can and cannot eat. Berry (beautiful and elegant German Shepheard), had eaten dangerous food for dogs by mistake. You see, Berry the doggo had developed a very inconvenient technic to eat anything he could reach under 0.3 seconds. When he was left alone at the dinner room for 5 minutes, he lashed out the dinner table). This happened just 3 years ago, and our worried co-founder quickly went online looking to find out if the food in question was dangerous or not to Berry. Did he find any reliable and trustworthy info? No. He kept searching desperately, and did he find it deeper in the web? No.

It was unbelievable, 21st Century, the Age of the Internet and Information, and still no good answers (or any decent source of info) to what we can give to our dogs. Fortunately, he then called the vet. Berry had diarrhea and nausea for 3 days, but everything ended up fine. 😊 But what about others? What about people who can’t or don’t have a vet to call with urgency? In some cases, it doesn’t even have to be for a medical matter. What if I want to quickly find out what I can feed my dog?

Something had to be done. Our 4 paw buddies need their own page. A page that helps and guides owners. A page that answers the most common dog diet questions and supports the answers with actual science and data. Welcome to candogeat.net! A page where dog lovers did extensive hours and hours of research to find out every single food that you can and cannot give to your dog. Keep in mind, it’s a bit different to every dog, and every breed. Some dogs are more sensitive than others. It also depends on the dosage of the food. But don’t worry, we always keep that in mind when elaborating on our articles. Prevent allergies, diarrheas, nausea, vomiting, or worse.

Ask first, feed after.

So, Who Are We?

Our team is composed by 3 members, Mario, Lazar, and Anne. Dog lovers, dog owners, dog buddies, dogs, dogs, dogs!! We want the best for our fur buddies, and we hope you want the best for yours too. They are our best friends, and we must be theirs too. It’s a 2-way relationship.

Vera is a brilliant and respected veterinarian that devotes both her professional as well as her personal life to saving and helping animals and non-profit organizations. She is a graduate in Veterinary Science, also having her masters and PhD in Veterinary Medicine. As stated previously, she also dedicates her free time to work as a volunteer in local shelters.

Lazar is a successful entrepreneur focused in the tech market, always looking for new ways to empower his costumers with helpful digital tools. He is a graduate in Computer Science and Programming. He is a beginner philanthropist, investing and promoting new projects regarding animal safety and protection.

Mario is a content creator, working on a wide variety of niches, from technology to health and lifestyle. He is a graduate in Translation and a post-graduate in Digital Marketing. During his free time, he volunteers in two different shelters in Havana and an activist for animal rights.