Can Dogs Eat Lettuce? A Food Guide For Your Pet

Low in calories and fat, the important part of any diet, not that tasty without the dressing but the question is can dogs eat lettuce?  If the answer is yes, can they eat it safely? Is it good or bad for our canines? Let’s find out!


 Quick answer:  Yes, dogs can eat lettuce safely, provided that you feed them in moderation.

Is Lettuce Healthy or Toxic?

Lettuce is not toxic for dogs, if your canine likes the taste, you can give him some from time to time. Is lettuce healthy? It is 90 percent water, having said that, it doesn’t mean that your dog cannot benefit from vitamin C, A and fiber contained in this vegetable. If your dog is rejecting water for some reason and is dehydrated, you can feed him lettuce leafe so he has some fluid in his body until you get to the vet.  It is just there are far better options as far as minerals and vitamins go. If you want to include some vegetable into your dog’s diet, you should think about carrots, spinach, green beans. Don’t hope your buddy will get some massive boost in the health department from eating lettuce.

How Should You Feed Lettuce to a Dog?

There are two ways, obviously: cooked or raw. If you’re feeding him raw lettuce, try to buy it in the organic store, because there is less of a chance your canine will have pesticide poisoning. Either way, wash it throughout and cut it in small pieces so it is easier for a dog to digest. Never, but never feed your dog with a leftover salad that you had for lunch or dinner. Unless you just had plain raw lettuce, without any onions, salt, pepper or dressing, in that case, you can. Dogs may prefer raw lettuce due to their crunchiness, but cooked lettuce is much easier for them to digest. Cooking also retains most of the nutrients and it doesn’t pose as a choking hazard as raw lettuce does. That’s why our recommendation is to feed cooked lettuce to your furry friend.

Your Dog Ate Too Much Lettuce: Possible Side Effects!

Like we already sad, lettuce is not toxic, but if your dog had way too much lettuce for his constitution he will either have vomiting, diarrhea or upset stomach.  You can prevent this by consulting with the vet before including any new food to your dog’s diet, and by limiting amounts of the food you give him. Yes, lettuce is low calorie and can be a great snack for an obese canine, but never give too much!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Let’s go over some of the most FAQ. It’s important to take everything into consideration, not only to educate ourselves but other dog owners also.

What is the Nutritional Value* of the Lettuce?

Raw Green Leaf Lettuce:

·         15.0 Calories.
·         1.3 grams of Dietary Fiber.
·         58.0 mg. of Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
·         24.0 mg. of Omega-6 Fatty Acids.
·         0.8 grams of Sugar.
·         1.4 grams of Protein.
·         2.8 grams of Carbohydrate.
·         7404 IU of Vitamin A.
·         18.0 mg. of Vitamin C.
·         174 mcg. of Vitamin K.
·         38.0 mcg. of Folate.
·         0.6 mg. of Niacin.
·         0.1 mg. of Vitamin B6.
·         13.4 mg. of Choline.
·         0.2 mg. of Betaine.
·         0.1 mg of Pantothenic Acid.
·         36.0 mg. of Calcium.
·         0.9 mg. of Iron.
·         13.0 mg. of Magnesium.
·         29.0 mg. of Phosphorus.
·         194 mg. of Potassium.
·         28.0 mg. of Sodium.
·         0.3 mg. of Manganese.
·         38.0 mg. of Phytosterols.
·         95.1 grams of Water.

Raw Romaine Lettuce:

·         17.0 Calories.
·         2.1 grams of Dietary Fiber.
·         113 mg. of Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
·         47.0 mg. of Omega-6 Fatty Acids.
·         1.2 grams of Sugar.
·         1.2 grams of Protein.
·         3.3 grams of Carbohydrate.
·         8711 IU of Vitamin A.
·         24.0 mg. of Vitamin C.
·         0.1 mg. of Vitamin E
·         103 mg. of Vitamin K.
·         136 mcg. of Folate.
·         0.3 mg. of Niacin.
·         0.1 mg. of Vitamin B6.
·         9.9 mg. of Choline.
·         0.1 mg. of Betaine.
·         0.1 mg of Pantothenic Acid.
·         33.0 mg. of Calcium.
·         1.0 mg. of Iron.
·         14.0 mg. of Magnesium.
·         30.0 mg. of Phosphorus.
·         274 mg. of Potassium.
·         8.0 mg. of Sodium.
·         0.2 mg. of Zinc.
·         0.2 mg. of Manganese.
·         94.6 grams of Water.

*per 100 grams

What Dosage is Healthy?

One or two tablespoons a day (dependable on the dog’s size), two to three times per week. You can even sprinkle shredded lettuce over his main meal if he’s not too excited by its taste.

What are the Symptoms** of an Allergic Reaction?

It is not likely your dog has lettuce allergy, however, it is not impossible. Most common symptoms of food allergies in dog are:

·         Coughing.
·         Red itchy eyes.
·         Runny, itchy nose.
·         Sneezing.

**These are the most common examples, please contact your local vet if you have noticed anything unusual, even if we didn’t list it above.

Conclusion: Can I Give My Dog Lettuce?

Yes, lettuce is a great occasional treat for canines that need to lose some weight. However is it the best vegetable you could offer your dog? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean that it’s unhealthy. It still contains lots of vitamin A and C, it is high in fiber, and your Fido will definitely benefit from them. It is best to cook them because raw lettuce is hard to chew and you don’t want your dog choking on it! Even though, yes lettuce is low-calorie food, keep portions small. It is not toxic, but your dog will get stomach problems like loose stool/and or vomiting.

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