Can My Dog Drink Beer? – Very Important

Let’s say you throw a party, invite some friends over and you or some of your friends get a genius idea to give your dog a beer because it would be funny for insta story. Can your furry friend handle it like a champ? Let’s find out.


Can I Give My Dog Beer? – [Quick answer]

No, not under any circumstances! It is extremely poisonous for our four-legged friends. If you care about your dog you will not give him beer Charles Bukowski once said “We are here to drink beer, to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well That the death will tremble to take us”, but that stands for us, humans. Can my dog drink beer? That’s the question? We all know that there is nothing like a good cold one after work or on a hot summer day. When nothing is happening, we drink beer to make something happen. However, it is not so common knowledge that even smaller dosage of alcohol can be fatal, especially if your dog is tiny. But you really wanted to make that funny video of your dog drinking beer, so why is it so bad for your dog?

It takes only 15 to 30 minutes from just a little lick on the tip of the tongue for your dog to show signs of depression, nausea, slowed reflexes, loss of bladder control. If the dose was too high for his body weight, there is a risk that his cardiovascular system will be depressed, his heart rate is going to drop and his breathing will slow down as well. This state is called “metabolic acidosis”, where too much ethanol circulates in the blood. If you notice these symptoms go to the nearest veterinarian because it will lead to cardiac arrest and death.

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Beer Hops Are Also Dangerous For A Dog

If you think that alcohol is the only toxic substance in the beer, you’re highly mistaken. Hops in beer are absolutely poisonous for our furry friends. For those of you who don’t know what hops are, they are female flowers of the hop plant, used as a flavoring and stability agent in beer, they are adding bitter aroma to your favorite drink. It has been used in beer from the 9th century.

Dogs that take hops will show signs of heavy panting, turmoil, muscle tremors and seizures. In severe cases, your pet will experience a sharp increase in body temperature, known as malignant hypothermia, which causes severe fevers over 42 degrees Celsius  which can result in damage and failure of their organs and internal systems. Any breed may be affected, but ones that are predisposed to malignant hyperthermia (extreme raising of body temperature for an unknown reason) tend to be more sensitive to it.

These breeds include Greyhounds, Labrador Retrievers, Saint Bernard – Pointers, Dobermans, Border Collies, English Springer Spaniels, and northern breeds.

But Can I Give Him Just A Little Bit Of Beer?

No, beer or any other form of alcohol is never okay for a dog under any circumstances. When you think about your dog’s system, first you have to remember that their livers don’t process various beverages, foods, or medications like we can. Beer falls into that category as it specifically needs the liver to properly break it down and flush it out of the body.

As a human, your liver can process beer within a few hours, and as long as you don’t have too much of it, you can go about your day relatively unaffected. A dog’s liver is unable to do this, and the effects of alcohol on their body are much more permanent. Dogs that drink alcohol can end up with serious and irreversible liver and kidney damage. If they take enough alcohol, they can also suffer from brain damage. Because of the dog’s size, you have to remember that a small amount to you isn’t small to your dog’s liver.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Let’s go over some of the most FAQ. It’s important to have all the facts when we consider to give our dog an alcoholic drink

What is the Nutritional Value* of the Beer?

Regular beer:
·         Around 12.7 calories.
·         27.1 g of water.
·         1.2 g alcohol.
·          1.8 mg of magnesium.
·         4.1 mg of phosphorus.
·         1.0 carbohydrate.
·         8.0 mg of potassium.
·         0.5 grams of protein.
Light beer:
·         Around 8.6 calories.
·         0 grams of fat.
·         28.0 g of water.
·         0.9 g alcohol.
·         6.2 mg of potassium.
·         3.5 mg of phosphorous.
·         0.3 grams of protein.
·         1.2 mg of calcium
Budweiser regular:
·         Around 12.2 calories.
·         0 grams of fat.
·         27.6 g of water
·         1.2 g of alcohol
·         3.7 carbohydrates.
·         1.2mg of calcium.
·         3.9 mg of phosphorus.
·         9.8 mg of potassium.
·         0.4 g of protein.
*Estimated by 30 grams.

What Dosage is Healthy?

None. Do not give your dog beer even if you’re lost with him in the woods and beer is all you have. Just find the nearest river, or wait for the rain to start pouring but do not let your dog drink beer!

Are There Any Breeds Specifically Sensitive to Beer?

These breeds are extra sensitive to a beer hops, those
include Greyhounds, Labrador Retrievers, Saint -Bernards, Pointers, Dobermans, Border Collies, English Springer Spaniels, and northern breeds.

What happens if I give it to him anyway?

Dogs can’t have a beer or any other drink that contains alcohol, very dangerous, here’s what happens:
· Diarrhea.
· Vomiting.
· Decreased coordination.
· Central nervous system depression.
· Difficulty breathing.
· Abnormal blood acidity
· Coma.
· Death.
Dogs are a treasure; do not give them anything that would harm them, especially not beer or any other alcoholic drink. It is not funny.

Conclusion: Can Dogs Drink Beer?

The answer is yes only if you want to kill him, and we hope that you’re here because you love your dog and want to be well informed. So do not let your dog get anywhere near alcohol because he can take it when you’re not looking, or just be extra careful.

You Want To Prevent  These Things From Happening?

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