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Kiwi is a highly nutritious fruit. But is it good for your canine? Today we answer the question, can dogs eat kiwi or is it harmful for them to be eating?

Can My Dog Eat Kiwi [Quick answer]

Yes. However, only in small amounts and not too often.

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Is the Kiwifruit A Good Source of Nutrients?

More commonly known as kiwi, this fruit is an edible berry and very popular in the market. It is a good source of nutrients and is totally fine for our canines to eat. Does this mean kiwis should be in their diet? No. Dogs don’t require any fruit in their diet. However, some can be used as occasional treats as they are not harmful to your pet. Of course, you always have fruit snacks made for dogs.

Now let’s go over some of the nutrients present in the kiwifruit. Once again, thanks to the great team at which has compiled this very informative table:


ow you may be wondering, which kiwi nutrients does my dog benefit the most? Well, that would be Vitamin C and Fiber. Let’s discuss what they do in your canine’s diet:

  • Vitamin C* – It helps the skin and alleviates stress. It may also help fight fevers. Vitamin C also functions as an antioxidant, protecting the cells from being destroyed or altered by oxidation and eliminating free radicals.
  • Fiber – Plays a great role in your dog’s digestive health. Although some people do not consider it vital to the animal’s diet. However, it is known to be highly beneficial by helping with digestion, enhances bowl movements, fights constipation, diarrhea, and diabetes.

*Dogs do not need extra vitamin C. Their bodies already produced the amount of vitamin they need. However, if your dog has some disorder and therefore does not have enough Vitamin C, kiwis and raspberries are a good option.

Dogs Eating Kiwis – Is There a Health Benefit?

So, is the kiwi very beneficial to my dog? A little bit, but not as much as your furry buddy would like. It does have the benefits of Vitamin C and Fiber, but there are better sources for those ingredients. The fruit is much more beneficial to humans than to dogs. However, treating your dog occasionally is totally fine.

What Happens if You Feed Him Too Many

If you exaggerate and give him too much most likely he will have diarrhea and/or stomach pain. Too many kiwis provoke a laxative effect. And we all know how that goes (especially for larger dogs!). So, let’s keep their stomach and our noses healthy by giving them kiwifruit in moderation.

What about other fruits such as mangomelon, and watermelon?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Let’s go over some of the most FAQ. It’s important to take everything into consideration, not only to educate ourselves but other dog owners also

What is the Nutritional Value* of a Kiwifruit?

Keep in mind we are talking about kiwi as a natural fruit. None of those dried kiwis sprinkled with sugar.

– 147 grams of Water.
– 552 mg of Potassium.
– 164 mg of Vitamin C.
– 60,2 mg of Calcium.
– 60.2 mg of Phosphorus.
– 15.9 grams of Sugar.
– 5.3 grams of Fiber.

*per 177 grams (1cup).

What Dosage is Healthy?

Usually, a kiwi weighs around 69 grams. Therefore, for a healthy serving giving him between 20 to 69 grams depending on the dog’s weight.

What are the Symptoms** of an Allergic Reaction?

It is very unlikely that your dog has a kiwi allergy. However, not impossible. Look for itching, skin inflammation, and excessive licking.
**These are the most common examples, please contact your local vet if you have noticed anything unusual, even if we didn’t list it above.

Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Kiwi?

Absolutely. Just don’t give him too much and too often. Keep kiwifruit has a special treat, he will be happy and you will too. It’s important to spoil our pets a bit, but we can’t allow treats to become part of their diet. So remember, 20 to 69 grams of kiwi (according to his/her weight and size) once in a while and it’s all good.

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