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The question was raised, can I give my dog dinovite. Today, we discuss this dog supplement, its advantages, and disadvantages. Are there better and cheaper alternatives?

What is Dinovite and What is Used For?

Dinovite is one of the most popular health supplements for dogs. It is a nutritional supplement made with whole food ingredients containing vitamins, minerals, enzymes, microbial and fatty acids. It is manufactured and commercialized by Dinovite, Inc, a family-owned USA company. The brand claims the product is able to boost the immune system, reduce allergies, improve the dog’s skin and coat, and also improve digestion.

Now, is this all true? Mildly, but not really. Why? Because there are products that do all the above, but much better. Many may think that since Dinovite is one of the most expensive supplements, then it must be the best one in the market. That is not the case. Indeed, Dinovite is a decent nutritional supplement for dogs. But why give him that if you have better and cheaper alternatives.

Should I Give My Dog Dinovite Supplements?

Before giving your dog any supplement, you must first ask, does he need it? As always, you must first check with your vet, he will know what to do. This being said, most dogs have no problems taking vitamins and supplements. It is actually very beneficial to a wide variety of factors. Check out what as to say about this:

“As many as a third of U.S. dogs and cats may receive vitamins or supplements. The most common are multivitamins, supplements to support arthritic joints, and fatty acids to reduce shedding and improve a coat’s shine, according to a 2006 study published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Pet owners also may give probiotics to alleviate gastrointestinal problems or antioxidants to counteract the effects of aging, such as cognitive dysfunction.”

So yes, it may be beneficial to your pet, but it is preferable to keep him healthy through a good food diet. However, some dogs may require a little extra boost. Once again, we advise you to talk to your vet before you take any action.

But… Is There Any Danger in Giving Him Supplements?

If your dog already has a balanced food diet, giving him excessive quantities can be harmful. According to, “too much calcium can cause skeletal problems (especially in larger dogs), too much vitamin A may harm blood vessels and cause dehydration and joint pain. Excess vitamin D can prompt a dog to stop eating, harm bones, and cause muscles to atrophy”.

Why Aren’t There Many Dinovite Reviews Online if It’s So Popular?

Exactly. In all honesty, Dinovite is more of a successful case of marketing than science. The product is tightly controlled by Dinovite, Inc. Thus, the lack of reliable (one could even say honest) reviews. However, we have tested the product and compared it to competitors. Keep reading to find out our findings (we are not professionals, this a mere customer test and comparison).

Are There Better and Cheaper Alternatives to Dinovite for Dogs?

As we have already mentioned, Dinovite is not the best option, neither to your dog or your wallet. For example, many owners look for Dinovite to treat dog allergies, however, Zesty paws allergy immune supplement does a much better job in most cases. Additionally, it is also cheaper. On the other hand, if you are looking to reinforce your dog’s health with some vitamins, Dinovite does a decent job. But once again, there is a better and cheaper multivitamin for dogs. It is very successful at improving hip and joint, skin and coat, and digestion. If your issue is mainly skin and coat, please consider Missing Link supplement.

To Conclude – Can I Give My Dog Dinovite?

Yes. However, money-wise and performance-wise it is not the best option. There are better products in the market. Our team and friends have tested Dinovite and other competitors. Our conclusion in three out of three cases of dogs that required supplements is:

  • Dinovite is not as beneficial and financially viable as other competitors.

Save money and get a better result. Be smart with your money and pet’s health.

But we finish our article, we would like to once again point out that you must speak to the vet before giving any supplements to your dog. Very often people believe their pets require a supplement to their diet, and very often this is not the case. Check first, act accordingly.

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