Can I Give My Dog a Vaccination at Home?

As any good owner, we all get sick worried when our dogs are in poor health. Often, they must take vaccines to get better. So, is okay to give your dog a vaccination at home?

So What Vaccination Can I Give My Dog at Home?

It’s very important to have your pet vaccinated for Distemper, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, and Adenovirus (Type 1 and 2). These vaccines you can administer at home if you already have the know-how. Just do your research, be confident, and make sure you are doing it properly. It’s also okay to implement your dog microchip at home. It will save you a lot of money on the long-run. Just keep in mind your dog’s health must be the priority. If you have any self-doubt, you didn’t do the research, or you don’t feel confident: don’t do it, visit a vet.

There are some additional vaccinations that are not mandatory but still important (especially if your dog is in the outdoor and is in constant contact with other dogs). These are: Hepatitis, Leptospira, Coronavirus, Bordetella, and Lyme disease. Check with your vet.

Tip: Buy all-in-one vaccination kits, it’s cheaper than buying them individually.

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Licensed Veterinarian Only Shot

Under United States law only one vaccination is required to be administered by a licensed veterinarian and that is rabies. Therefore, if you are considering giving it yourself, don’t. Just don’t. Even if you live in a country where the law allows you to administer the rabies shot at home, please don’t do it. Take your pet to a veterinarian and get it done by a professional. Rabies is not a one-time shot, the vet will tell you how periodically your dog will require it, in some cases every year.

Tip: Since you already must go to the vet for the rabies shot, have him/her administer others.

What About Non-State Law Vaccinations?

Going to the vet is expensive, sometimes more then $1,000 per dog (lifetime, not yearly). Although we all want the best for our buddies, sometimes it costs too much money. Therefore, administering some vaccines at home is a viable option. It may be stressful at first, but it’s not hard. It’s nothing complicated but you must be willing to do research and learn. Don’t forget to keep track of your dog’s vaccination record, it’s very important as vets will ask for it in case of an emergency.

Can I Treat Him for Worms at Home?

One of the most popular concerns among dog owners is also if they can or cannot deworm the dog at home without wasting money on a vet. This is totally fine. Deworming your dog is a very simple procedure, just make sure you are giving him the right dosage for his weight. Worms are a parasite that cases much discomfort to your dog. Treat him as quickly as possible.

Your Dog Is Sick Now What?

We hate to see our canine friends sick. We want them to recover as quickly as possible, so we can see again their happy faces running around the place making a mess. No matter how good we treat and care for them, there is always a chance your dog might get sick. If your dog suddenly got sick and you are not sure what it is: DO NOT SELF-MEDICATE HIM/HER. Go to the vet and have him checked.

In What Cases Should I Give My Dog a Vaccination at Home?

  • You’ve researched and feel prepared for the task.
  • The vaccine in question is a follow-up booster shot.
  • You can’t afford going to the vet.

In What Cases Should I Not Give My Dog Vaccinations at Home?

  • If it’s a rabies vaccination.
  • You haven’t done proper research and don’t feel confident.

Over-Vaccination Is a Real Issue

DON’T go reckless administered your dog all the vaccinations available in the market. This is will backfire on your dog’s health. While doing research on how to give your dog a vaccination at home, also research which vaccines he requires. Ideally, you should really check this with the vet during the first rabies shot. Over-vaccination is very common and does more harm than good.

To Conclude: Can I Give My Dog a Vaccination at Home?

If you follow the rules and tips you have already mentioned, then yes. It’s not as complicated as it may look. Just make sure you are doing it properly and you won’t put your dog’s health at risk. Administering vaccines at home will help you save money and still ensure your pet is protected. However, if you don’t feel confident, don’t do it. Remember this very important tip: Save money by asking your vet during the rabies shot to administer the rest if possible.

Know Something We Don’t?

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